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Vodex Raises $320k in Pre-Seed Funding, Spearheaded by 100X.VC

Vodex Secures $320k in Pre-Seed Funding Led by 100X.VC, Paving the Way for Outbound Calling Solutions Powered by Generative AI.

In a major stride towards its expansion, Vodex, the pioneering outbound calling solution fueled by generative AI, has triumphantly raised $320k in a pre-seed funding round with 100X.VC at the helm. Notably, 100X.VC became the first institutional investor to support Vodex, with additional investments from eminent names like Yash Kotak, Ram Kumar, and Devansh Alijar. This capital infusion will serve as a catalyst for propelling product development and scaling the business.

Vodex leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of Generative AI to empower businesses with efficient and scalable pre-sales and tele-calling operations. Its gamut of services includes sales optimization, marketing, scheduling, lead generation, and feedback calling – revolutionizing the voice industry. Co-founded by Anshul Shrivastava and Kumar Saurav, Vodex has already left a significant mark, serving a diverse clientele of over 30 customers across 5 countries. The startup’s innovation spans industries such as Fintech, BFSI, call centers, healthcare, and more. With state-of-the-art Foundation Models (LLM’s) and Generative Voice AI, Vodex’s voice bots emulate human interactions, delivering intelligent responses in a natural-sounding voice.

Mr. Ninad Karpe, Partner at 100X.VC, conveyed his unwavering faith in Vodex’s potential, stating, “The market is highly competitive, and Vodex has successfully carved its niche and unique brand identity over time. It is working with a clear vision to become the industry leader in generative AI-powered outbound calling solutions by offering customization and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Vodex is on its way to revolutionize the way businesses engage and connect with their customers. We extend our best wishes to the team and are keen to support them in all ways possible to grow and scale their business.”

Joining the ranks of prominent investors backing Vodex, Mr. Yash Kotak lauded the founders’ dedication and innovative approach, expressing, “I strongly support and invest in founders who hustle to achieve their goals. I saw the same confidence and perseverance in Anshul and Kumar, combining the power of Generative AI (way before the chatGPT craze) in voice, natural language, ASR, etc., alongside disrupting the industry. Hence, supporting Vodex was the next obvious move, and I am proud to be a part of their growth journey.”

As Artificial Intelligence continues to shape the future, the transition to Generative AI holds immense promise. Vodex is poised to make a profound impact in the Indian market, becoming a leading provider of generative AI-powered outbound calling solutions for businesses. With the backing of 100X.VC and other visionary investors, Vodex is set to ascend to new heights in the dynamic AI landscape.